Equal Education

Everyone is born free and equal. Equality implies that everyone enjoys the same rights. Education develops human personality and promotes understanding, tolerance, friendship, and peace in the society.

In our society, some students opt O/A level system while some go for Matric/FSC system. There are differences in these education systems. We are creating people with different thinking. This creates discrimination in the society.

The son of a gardener, servant, driver or belonging to the lower class of the society mostly studies Matric/FSC education while the son of someone from the elite class prefers O/A level system. Poor people deserve the same education that rich do. There should be no discrimination. A thing I personally observed is that an O/A level student does not have clear concepts of somethings in the Matric/FSC course. I have also heard that Matric/FSC system have an edge over O/A level student in the entrance test for the universities.

If people with two different thinking become the leaders than it could create political anarchy, causing problems to the country.

The grave will be same for the student of each class. On a serious note, the government should promote equal education in the country so that the discrimination in the society can be lessened. The government should make a single education system and to implement it wisely.


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