Gone but Never Forgotten

“They went on the school bus but returned in the ambulance”.


It was one of the frosty days of December, I was done with my annual send-ups exams in the school and was having winter vacation.
I was sitting in front of the TV and it was about 10:25 AM and the news channel started breaking the news that firing has been heard in one of the schools of Peshawar. The firstly I thought it was an ordinary attack as Pakistan is suffering from the bad disease of terrorism. But after some time, they started giving the news that some children have been injured in it. A series of breaking news was coming about the attack telling about the death tolls, injured. It was being reported that terrorists were still in that school. Most casualties were reported from the auditorium of the school.
In the evening, I met some of my friends who were condemning this attack. A friend commented that people are condemning now but they will forget it after 3-5 days. At night I was watching the news report, the final death toll was 144. All the schools were immediately closed due to security reasons.
In this attack, terrorists have once again shown that they have no regard for human life and respect for children. Just think what would be the conditions of the relatives of martyrs.

144 Angels killed!
144 Dreams killed!
144 Leaders killed!

A comic made by Shahzaib Hussain ART

Candlelight vigils were held in many cities to pay homage to the martyrs of Army Public School Peshawar. The whole world condemned this attack on various social media sites. People changed their display pictures to black to show their support.
Here are some twitter stats about this attack by Twittistaan.

Twittistaan says that #PeshawarAttack was trending on number one worldwide on Twitter on 16th December 2014. It trended for 15 hours and 20 minutes on Dec 16, 14 hours and 15 minutes on Dec 17, and 2 hours and 25 minutes on Dec 18, on Twitter worldwide.  From Dec 16 to Dec 21, 2014, a total of 1.2 million tweets mentioned #PeshawarAttack or ‘Peshawar Attack’. It was mentioned in more than 800K tweets on Tuesday, December 16, 2014.
Read top 10 tweets about this incident shared by Twittistaan: Click Here

144 families lost their loved ones. Political parties and Armed Forces were united. They lifted the ban on capital punishment. They started the national action plan. Security measures were made possible in each and every school. Operation Zarb-e-Azb was made more effective. This attack united the whole nation.


Here I would like to tell some emotional things shared by the relatives of the martyrs
Dad of a martyr says that he was saying his son from many days to wear the school coat. On that day, we wear the school coat and never came back.

Brother of a martyr said that while going to school on that day his younger was saying that we’ll meet at that location during the break but he didn’t come.


As the motto of Army Public School states “I shall rise and shine“. The school reopened after an extended winter vacation and the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif was there on the very first day at school to encourage the students of Army Public School Peshawar. All of them sung the national anthem and raised the chants of ‘PAKISTAN ZINDABAD‘ loudly and replied to the terrorists that this nation is not afraid of anyone.

  بڑا دشمن بنا پھرتا ہے جو بچوں سے لڑتا ہے۔

December is back on the calendar and the news came in the first week of this month that terrorist involved in this attack are hanged in Kohat.
Today marks the first anniversary of this massacre. May Allah Almighty bless the souls of those angels in Jannah. (Ameen)

Readers should think about:
-Who is responsible for this attack?
-Why didn’t government made any Judicial Commission for this attack?
-Why didn’t any leader accepted his negligence and resigned?
-Are Pakistani students safe now?
-Did those martyrs get justice?
-Is the nation still united?
-Are you satisfied with the steps taken for security after this attack?

After one year of this attack, I did a survey in which I asked.
At last, I would say it clearly,”Gone but Never Forgotten“.



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