Nestlé #First1000Days

Start Healthy. Stay Healthy” is Nestle Pakistan’s latest initiative. Start Healthy Stay Healthy is an awareness campaign about educating people about the importance of nutrition in the #First1000Days of child’s life.



Nestle Pakistan arranged an informative meetup at Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi and Lahore about #First1000Days in collaboration with The Digital Factory.
Dr. Huma Fahim, Medical Advisor in Nestlé Nutrition gave informative presentations in these events.
I couldn’t attend these meetups but I had a close look at these events through various social sites. Here I’ll be sharing some facts which were discussed in these events.

Only 1.6% of the mothers know about the importance of Zinc in child’s nutrition.
 43.8% children in Pakistan are suffering from Iron deficiency.
 40% children in Pakistan are suffering from Iron deficiency.
 Under-nutrition and over-nutrition both are Malnutrition.
 80% of the stunted children live in 14 countries and Pakistan is ranked 3rd in them.
 We have lost 4 inches of average human height in 5 decades in Pakistan.
 A child exposed to DHA has better learning abilities.
 Pakistan is the 9th biggest country with most over-weighted people.
 We gain 50% of our height in #First1000Days of life.
 Weaning (Introduction to solid foods) should be started when a child is 6 months because, in 6 months, Iron and Zinc goes down in mother’s milk.
 50% of our children have chronic malnutrition.
 Taste buds develop in the first 270 days when the baby is in the womb.
 Iron deficiency causes a child’s IQ to decrease by 1-2 points.
 80% of Brain and IQ development of a child is done in first 2 years of life.
 Pakistan lies in the top 14 countries that have malnutrition diseases.
 Breastfeeding is recommended during first six months of life.
 Cow milk makes babies obese and can cause iron deficiency.
 35% of the deaths are caused by malnutrition.
 40% of Pakistani women are obese.

I appreciate this innovative campaign by Nestle Pakistan. This educates people about the child health problems.

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For more updates about this campaign follow #First1000Days on social sites.


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