Mother’s Day

The best way to define mother is the woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself, and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.
Basically, I don’t believe in such days like mother’s day etc. Because a son/daughter does not need any specific day on the calendar to express his/her love and respect for the mother. Islam emphasizes the importance of the mother so much that Mother’s Day is not one day a year but should be every day. When you sit to write something for parents you don’t have enough words to explain your love. Our religion also describes the importance for a mother.
The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Your Heaven lies under the feet of your mother”.
Nature is one of the best things to observe. When you see a birds nest, look at the mother taking care of her young ones. Mother-Children love is not only found in the humans it is also found in animals.
The first word we speak after birth is usually “Mama”. No one loves us like our mothers and no one is willing to sacrifice everything for us like our mothers. Her love for children is great like the ocean, the universe, and nothing can replace it.
“When I was born, I was crying but she was smiling”.
Our mothers are like a superhero. First, she teaches us to speak, then how to walk. She teaches us everything from how to eat and dress, how to react to any situation. She teaches us little things like how to tie shoes and to be polite and respectful to adults. After that when we are grown up she is always there to help us in our homework. Oh! how can I forget to mention that mom is the best cook, She comes up with delicious dishes.
Rumi said,” We are born of love; Love is our mother”.
I would end this blog with advice that always make your mother smile. She is also the lady behind the success in our life. We should pray for her as much as we can.


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